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Restaurant Reviews

American Heroes and Brews

On a weekend trip to Carlsbad, California, we found ourselves hungry … and craving an old fashioned sandwich. A stroll through Carlsbad Village landed us at American Heroes and Brews — and I’m glad it did! After a day at the beach, this restaurant offers the perfect mouth watering sandwiches and ice cold brews.

As noted on their website: “The idea for our business started with the notion that a great sandwich – one you talk about – is a reflection of the community. This began way back in our younger days when traveling family members would bring back stories of their trips. Every story always centered around the food.”

The low key vibe inside matches the description: it feels like a warm, community joint. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the chance to meet the owner. However, from the reviews on Yelp (as well as his friendly responses to those reviews), he seems strongly committed to the community and quality of his establishment. (They even make their own Cheez Whiz!) We chatted with our waitress, and learned the establishment also offers an excellent (bottomless) brunch.

I’m pleased to report that these sandwiches (pictured below) are outrageously good. (Service is efficient and friendly, too.)

After reviewing the menu, I ordered the Carlsbad (a grilled chicken sandwich). I opted for the aioli on the side (but ended up eating all of it). B chose the Baltimore Pit Beef (with a side of potato salad). We were not disappointed!

And of course, no trip to American Heroes and Brews would be complete without brews. We washed our sandwiches down with the Coronado Orange Avenue Witbier and 420 Extra Pale Ale.

All in all, a fantastic lunch — we’ll be back!