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Best Restaurants and Bars in Long Island City

Don’t forget to check out my top LIC happy hour spots.

  • Los Tacos City Habanero
    The food truck – try the al pastor nachos or tacos, great for delivery.
  • The Inkan
    I’ve only tried delivery – amazing chicken with plantains, mashed potatoes, beans and rice.
  • Woodbines
    The neighborhood spot for pub food and excellent beers on draft. The people here are the best.
  • Cyclo
    Delicious Vietnamese sandwiches, noodle soups, and rice dishes.
  • Rockaway Brewing
    A small tasting room but while summer’s still here, great for taking beers to go and heading over to the live entertainment at CultureLab LIC.
  • Dai Haichi
    Fresh sushi and lots of delicious ramen soups.
  • Fifth Hammer
    Can’t wait until we’re post-pandemic as I loved the vibe here — big open space with board games, lots of places to sit.
  • Gutter LIC
    Bowling, a surprisingly great draft beer selection.
  • John Brown Smokehouse
    Some of the best Kansas City BBQ in the New York City area.
  • Shi LIC
    I’ve ordered Shi probably once a week for a decade. I’ve tried everything on the menu. My go to selections … the cointreau prawns, any sushi/sashimi, and the summer roll appetizer.
  • Casa Enrique
    LIC’s only (I think?) Michelin star restaurant! Seriously quality food. Usually a wait for a table but well worth it.
  • Skinny’s
    Expensive / not as good as Casa Enrique, but a neighborhood fixture. A bit run of the mill, but reliable and perfect for cravings. We order from there on a regular basis. Go-to orders: chicken quesadillas, corn salad, chicken burrito. Good ambiance and good margs.

Spots to Try

I’ve lived here for 9 years and still haven’t tried/am eager to try:

  • Top Quality
  • Hibino
  • Beebee’s
  • Takumen
  • Bellwether
  • Mu Ramen
  • Adda Indian Canteen
  • Beija Flor
  • The Beast Next Door