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Emergency To Go Bag Checklist Essentials

With the end of the world seemingly imminent, one can’t be too prepared when it comes to a robust “to go bag” checklist in case of an emergency.

Portable Radio

This all-in-one radio is a stellar, affordable find. It provides a flashlight, USB power, and emergency weather forecasts from NOAA and AM/FM stations. Most importantly, there are many ways to power it: hand crank, solar, or batteries.

Weatherproof Ponchos

These hit two birds with one stone. They’re waterproof AND they retain body head.

N95 and KN95 Masks

A few years ago, the idea of having masks on-hand might have been laughable. In 2022, these need no explanation as to their utility.

More Essentials

Duct tape and a swiss army knife are the usual suspects of a to go bag. A weatherproof lighter is a must have in cases of needing to start a fire at a moment’s notice, and you can’t have too many flashlights. Lastly, in a situation where there’s a lack of potable water, Lifestraws make the list as an easy solution that ensures drinking water.