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Havanese are Hypoallergenic and Good With Kids! (and other reasons to adopt)

If you’re on the fence about adopting a Havanese dog, I’m delighted to share five of my favorite things about being Lucy’s mom (and three less-than-ideal traits that are prevalent among this breed).

Havanese are adorable

In my completely unbiased opinion, Havanese are the cutest breed in existence.

Havanese are hypoallergenic and don’t shed

I grew up with two long-haired cats, which necessitated an on-demand lint roller in nearly every room of the house. Though Lucy requires regular haircuts (at about the same cadence as I do), I’m happy to report zero shedding.

Havanese No Shedding

Lucy, always the conscious party guest, never sheds

Havanese are great at learning and performing tricks

Lucy is at her best when she’s entertaining and making people happy. Teaching her tricks was effortless, and all it takes is a small piece of pepperoni to encourage her to be the star of the show.

Havanese are good with kids

I never worry about our dog with small kids; she’s never displayed a sign of aggression in her eleven years on this planet.

Havanese dog with kids

Lucy, my beloved Havanese, patiently guarding our friends’ newborn

Havanese don’t require as much exercise as other breeds

We try to take her on a daily walk, but on days we can’t get around to it, she’s more than content with a little romp around the house.

And three reasons you shouldn’t …

Havanese can’t (or at least, won’t) play fetch

I’m convinced she sees fetch as a game where the humans go get the items.

Havanese Doing Tricks

Lucy the Havanese eagerly performing her dad’s trick “Bed”

Havanese bark

The breed is yappy, end of story.

Havanese are prone to separation anxiety

Being away from people is an impossible ask for Lucyloo. The WFH situation has been a God-send and led to one happy pup, but be warned: this is not a breed to leave on their own for more than a few hours at a time.